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Martin and Owen Funny Mysteries

Only one more book to go in the Martin and Owen Mystery series!

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Not Dreaming of You--FINAL.jpg

Kiki Villanueva holds a master’s degree from UCLA, is the best second grade teacher ever, and believes she had a psychic dream when she was thirteen in which she was given a list of her future husband’s attributes. Since typical dating methods haven’t been working out, she decides that when she goes back to L.A. for the summer, she’ll start using the list to sort through potential candidates.

When jaded political journalist Mark Bennett confesses to his doctor he no longer finds women exciting, Dr. Chuck is worried he’s depressed and suggests a change of pace. Mark agrees to write a fluff piece for a magazine about people who join high-priced match-making services. (His premise is "Losers or Lunatics?") The dating service introduces him to Kiki, and he’s charmed by her open, passionate nature—not to mention her big, brown “do me” eyes—though she definitely belongs in the Lunatic category with that psychic stuff. If he could only get her to forget her list, and everything he said when they first met—oh, and the fact that he’s been a complete jackass…

Book 1

Elle--born "Liliana Brigitte"--Lorrence has one goal: To escape her mother's bizarre world of paparazzi, entourages, and over-Botoxed cyborgs. If she can only pretend to be an actress for this one little independent film, the paycheck will enable her to set her escape plans in motion.


Tragedy has struck the Carson-Villanueva family. All linguistics professor Chris Carson can do is keep busy and hope the crippling feeling of loss will fade. When Chris starts his summer dialect coaching job for a film, the actress turns out to be Elle Lorrence. Chris is undeniably attracted, as well as intrigued by her angelic poker face and dry, sarcastic humor. However, he knows a relationship between them can't work. 


Every fiber of Elle’s being tells her Cristóval Cesar Carson is the embodiment of the faceless man from her dreams. She's even more desperate to become a real person now. But there's a much bigger hurdle inside her she must overcome, if she's ever to possess the man of her dreams.

Book 2

In this laugh-out-loud, sexy romantic comedy, life-long good girl Paige Tipton learns what her dead husband was doing, for years, while she bent over backwards to try to please him. And she hopes Jeffrey is watching from hell when she finds some long-haired biker dude and does with him what Jeffrey did with all those hookers. Besides, a guy she finds at a dive bar will never, ever pop up in her upscale real life. Now, if she can only get the biker to cooperate…


Dillon spots Country Club the moment she walks into the D.O.A. He’s always had a weakness for these debutante types. The last time he gave in to it, at fifteen, he and his housekeeper mom lost everything. But this woman is cute as hell and really funny—especially when she offers him forty bucks for sex, considering he’s a very rich man now. But her kind is the last thing he needs in his life. Tempting as she is, surely he’s learned something in all these years.



Dont Make Brownies.jpg

Convinced the TV biz is sucking out her soul, Abbie Greenwood—consumer advocate--decides to take all the time off she’s saved up, leave Los Angeles for six weeks, and dog-sit for her sister Joanie in the Houston suburbs. Maybe Texas isn’t the ideal location for someone who grew up with hippy activist parents on an organic vegetable farm, but all she wants is a quiet place to evaluate her life. And to spend time with Joanie’s dogs since her own dog Charlie passed away.


What she doesn’t count on is the hunky attorney across the street whose wife ran off, leaving him with a young daughter to raise. The attraction is undeniable, and Abbie realizes she’d better stay away from Rick or her life could be changed in ways she never though she wanted. But when she gets arrested—totally not her fault—who is the only contact Joanie left for her? Across-the-street Nick, of course. And as she gets sucked into the lives of hot Nick and his adorable little girl, she realizes life’s decisions aren’t always as black and white as she’d like them to be.


I quit my job. The one at the high-powered law firm I’ve been working toward my entire life.

It sounds bad, but I'm not losing it. I never lose it.
However, now that I’ve gone out on my own, my first client turns out to be the infamous Drew Larson. A man I should be afraid of. 
But I’m not. What does that say about me?

Then I see the pictures and I can't turn away. And I agree to marry him so he can get what’s his. It’s a means to an end for both of us, except I’m afraid that it’s more for me. Because the neglected child I buried deep inside me calls out to the deeply wounded child in him. But he's not that child anymore. He's a flesh and blood man and I ache for him, as crazy as that sounds.

My breath catches in my chest every time I think of the secret I'm keeping from him. Will it make things better? Or will bad Drew return with a vengeance?
I am not turning into my mother. I won’t let anyone do that to me.

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